I love Spotify. Let’s talk about that.

Maybe it’s the years of trying to save money by not using Spotify premium and now I feel like I am living my BEST life or maybe it’s just because covid has stopped all live music but regardless of the reason, I love Spotify. Like a lot. I love it so much that I decided to write an article on it — enjoy?

PS if you are an Apple Music person or someone who doesn’t organize their Spotify playlists then no need to keep reading.

Why do I love Spotify?

  • “I am in a European themed commercial for yogurt (living my best life)”
  • “I am the main character in an indie movie”
  • “The perfect jump rope songs”

Other than creating highly specific playlists, I love Spotify for three reasons:

  1. Most annoying ads in the world: they literally just say, “Hate this ad? you can remove it with Spotify premium.” I think it’s iconic and refreshing.
  2. Spotify Wrapped: by using data easily accessible they have created the best content for users to share. Every December my Instagram is filled with people showing off their most-listened-to songs/albums/genres. Why? I’m not sure, I don’t really care, and I’m not sure who does. But Spotify you are a genius for that one.

Here are some third party things to do to maximize your Spotify game

If you have some strange obsession with analytics and reports then you should try… Volt

  • Available all year round.
  • Share it with anyone.
  • Compare your taste with others.
  • Receive monthly reports.

Create your profile here or creep mine?

If you like to be roasted by an AI bot then you should try… How Bad Is Your Spotify

  • Good reason to cry.
  • Fun to compare with friends.
  • Using technology for good.

If you are competitive and want to gamify your music habits then you should try… Whisperify

If you want to stare at your top tracks in a new format and feel like the ultimate hipster then you should try… Receiptify

If you want to make a playlist for someone special but don’t have any creative juices then you should try… Duo Love Songs

Now go be free + hit me up when you have a killer Spotify playlist.



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