Live footage of anyone not GenZ trying to keep up with the trends.

New emerging applications:

Herd App

Why do I love Spotify?

Meet the three-piece combo aka wannabe Steve Jobs wardrobe: turtleneck + jeans + sneakers.

Me + the black hole that is the internet. March 2021. Colourized.

“GUYS you have to try this”

My take on what’s happening in the marketing world

Oh no why did you do that?

Credit: @digital_chadvertising on Instagram

A morning guide for non-morning people.

The worst part? The sound was “Alarm” under the iPhone Classic Ringtones (IKYK that painful fog alarm noise)

Why I am now a morning person:

Tara Johnson

Internet explorer. Spotify playlist curator. Lover of learning. Wanna-be Steve Jobs minimalist. I write about trends, tech, & travel.

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